After School Student Rider Management System

The ESyRider system improves the old walkie-talkie method of notifying the inside staff of which parent has arrived to pick up their child. Using either Barcode or RFID Technology, the Process is now streamlined.

ESyRider knows which car has arrived.

ESyRider identifies each vehicle as it drives up the school driveway. Inside the designated student staging area, ESyRider displays the correct students picture and name on a main monitor screen.

ESyRider uses RFID or Barcodes

Each vehicle is tagged with a Barcode or RFID windshield or Hang tag which is linked to the Parent and Student databases. When the vehicle drives up the school driveway, the tag is read by the Barcode or RFID Reader.

ESyRider is Flexible

  • Multiple sites can be created allowing District Level Purchase
  • Web Based - Hosted Version
  • Easy Set Up
  • Separate Modules for Teachers, Parents, Students and Cars
  • Allows Student Rider Changes to be Entered in Advance
  • Records Time and Date of When Car was Read and Student Released
  • Car Pool Lists can be Created by Day
  • Notification on Monitor Screen if Student Leaves the Line and the Reason
  • Number of Staging Rows and Columns are Configured in Setup Screen
  • Rows and Columns can be Defined by Color
  • Reduces Traffic Congestion

ESyRider Main Features

  1. Safety
  2. Security
  3. Accountability
  4. Pickup Notification
  5. Portal for parents
  6. Optional Daily Roster / Attendance Management
  7. Documents can be Scanned for each Student
  8. Reporting
  9. Color coded loading lines / stations
  10. Real-time monitors
  11. Cutting Edge Technology